Getting the Best Deal on Electricity Rates

The ability to compare prices on the electricity rates of different companies opens whole new opportunities for consumers to save money. It is competition that keeps power producers fighting to offer their customers better service at lower prices. Thanks to the internet, comparing prices has never been faster or easier.

However, the simple, basic electricity rates charged by a particular company is not the whole the story when it comes to the actual out of pocket expenses. That is why it is important to look beyond the basic price and look into other factors of what each company offers in order to determine what your options are and determine what the real electricity rate will be.

One important choice to make is whether you are signing a variable or fixed rate contract. Some plans charge a flat rate that lasts for as long as the contract is in force. Because the price is the same from beginning to end, you can plan with confidence what your monthly expenses will be. The disadvantage of such plans is that if prices drop below the rate you are paying, then you can’t take advantage of the lower price.

A variable rate allows you to adjust your rates as the prices drop, something you can’t take advantage of with a fixed rate. The disadvantage is that prices do not only drop, unfortunately they also rise, and when they do with a variable rate, you will end up paying more. Only you can determine which of the potential positives and negatives makes a fixed rate or variable rate plan right for you. It depends upon what you value more, predictability or potential savings.

Another important consideration is the length of the contract. Is it for three months, six months, a year? Fixed rate plans are often better for short term plans, because they allow you to opt out of them sooner in case of unfavorable market conditions.

Hidden fees are another pitfall to watch out for. Customer service fees, processing fees and minimum usage fees are all ways in which costs may rise above the basic rate due to additional charges. There may also be penalties for not paying your bill on time. The wisest thing to do is to carefully read the Terms of Service agreement in order to identify all the possible fees you may be charged.

It all comes down to doing your homework. The best deal on electricity rates depends on your specific circumstances, such as how much you can afford, how much price stability you need and what additional costs and services you desire. Don’t stop looking until you discover the best deal on electricity rates that’s right for you. Try looking here for those deals:

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